"The ability to create moods, explore colors, and bring myself into each piece is a very important part of my performances. When I found Martin Gordon’s head joints, I found my voice – I can create any color, express any thought, and push every boundary knowing I will be met with response and clarity. The mixture of silver and gold in the lip plate offers just the right flexible resistance, and the size and shape of the embouchure hole give me freedom to explore air angles and speeds. Plus, he is an utter pleasure to work with!  I’d love to have one of his head joints for every day of the week!"  

- Meg Griffith 

Adjunct Professor of Flute at Wesleyan University &
Adjunct Professor of Flute at Southwestern Adventist University. Past - Whole Musician and Texas Tech University

​"Dear Martin, Just a couple thoughts of why I like your head joint so much with my 14k Powell, which out of all the flutes I've had it paired with, this is my best combo yet. Smooth response in all the registers. Ease and variety of tonal colors. Articulation is clean. Also has great projection! When I go to play, I feel confident and in control as well. The head joint is just very consistent. The engraving work is beautiful.  So many headjoints come through my home (mainly since my husband and his broadway friends love passing around their equipment) and no matter how many I try for fun, I still feel at home with your head joint." 

- Lish Lindsey

Adjunct Flute Faculty: Wilkes University

& Mercer County Community College

"And, as I am always watching out for the style factor, Martin Gordon's crowns are distinctive and lovely."

- Flute Pro Shop

"I recently purchased a Martin Gordon head joint. I cannot say enough good things about it. They are truly awesome. Since Albert Cooper heads are so hard to come by these days, an excellent (and much cheaper) alternative is a Martin Gordon head. The silver ones with gold risers are particularly nice; he uses more gold in the riser than others and it is certainly obvious when playing them. What I find most interesting is that the embouchure hole is neither too square, nor too roundish; it is right in between, which allows for a very wide array of tone colours that come from the more roundish cuts, but still carries the immediate response in all registers that usually come from the more square cut designs. Yes, I bought one and could not be more pleased.  Mr. Gordon makes all of his own heads himself from beginning to end (unlike some makers now who lead you to believe they do, but instead apparently have a team of head makers). You may inquire about them or him directly at gordonflutes@gmail.com.  And no, I neither work for Mr. Gordon, nor am I receiving anything from this endorsement. I'm just passing along info that I believe members of this list might be interested in, particularly since I am the one who asked the initial question.  Cheers, SK"

- Fluteland.com


Lish Lindsey playing a Martin Gordon 9k head joint 

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